Side Stories

Side Stories: The Saga of Kiki and Branden

More Eternally Yours to come soon!  Life is hectic at the moment so I only have time for snippets.

Since I have NRAAS mods installed, I get all kinds of fun notifications.  When my saves get too big and unruly, I turn these off and miss out on a bunch of stuff.  Luckily, Van Crest is still pretty small and there are only about 10 families running around.

Enter: Kiki and Branden.

These two are pretty much the main reason that I started the Side Stories section.  Every time I go in game, these two are having a soap opera of a relationship.  It makes for some great notifications though and I had to share.




Look for more on Kiki and Branden to come.  Last time I was in game they had gotten back together but then started fighting in front of the movie theater.  Will they stay together this time?




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